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Community Activities

Latino couple Muchos Hombres Muchas Voces, Many Men Many Voices (3MV)
Our Boston site at the Fenway Institute presents 3MV, a six-week STD/HIV prevention program for Latino Men who have sex with Men (MSM). Presented in Spanish, 3MV will focus on risk-reduction, partner selection, effective communication, negotiation of roles for Latino MSM, social support and more. For more information, www.lhi.org.
Shear Wisdom
(Rochester and Seattle) The next time you get a haircut, don't be surprised if your hairdresser starts talking about ways to prevent AIDS. He or she may be part of Rochester's Barbershop/Beauty Salon Project or Seattle's Down Low Barbershop Program, which train African-American and Latino barbers to relay HIV prevention messages to their clients. Read more
Web Movie Premiere
A Closer Walk, the powerful film about AIDS, is now offered in a 30-minute Web format. Directed by Robert Bilheimer, the documentary is narrated by actors Will Smith and Glenn Close.  See Movie

Check back soon for new activities.
Comic Relief
(Lima, Peru)   To commemorate HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (May 18), our Community Educators in Lima, Peru held a comic and manga contest that called for illustrated stories in the theme of "Living without AIDS." See comics