Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heroes of vaccine development. Below are a few of the thousands of men and women who have participated in past HIV vaccine trials.

"AIDS beat me to Africa and painted every experience I had there."
Michelle Johnson became passionate about AIDS prevention when she worked in Africa as a theater intern. › More

"I didn't think of the vaccine as a license to do what I wanted in any reckless fashion."
An IT professional and community leader in Atlanta, Scott Smith carefully weighed the potential gains and risks before deciding to volunteer for a vaccine trial. › More

"I was astonished by how challenging it's been to come up with an effective vaccine."
A young scientist in Seattle, Aaron Putzke volunteered for a vaccine trial, experiencing research from the other side of the lab. › More

"I have a genetic gift."
Rod Fichter has been healthy despite being HIV-positive for over twenty years. Scientists want to know why he hasn't gotten sick.