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Dr. Larry Corey

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2016

On this HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2016, I’m actually thinking of another date: June 5, 1981. It was 35 years ago that the very first report of what came to be known as AIDS was published in the US Center for Disease Control’s weekly MMWR report. That report said that 5 young men, all “active homosexuals” at 3 different hospitals in Los Angeles, California were being treated for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, as well as previous or current cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections; both are rare diseases that could signal… Read more.


VRC01 neutralizing HIV
VRC01 antibodies neutralizing HIV Click for high-res version

AMPing up for HIV Prevention

The HVTN and HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) will be partnering for the first ever proof of concept trials to test a new idea that offers great promise to prevent new infections.

This new idea is called Antibody Mediated Prevention, or more simply, “AMP.” The goal of AMP is to prevent HIV infection using a broadly neutralizing antibody (BNAb)... Read more.


(Top Left) Mr. Antelmo Haule scientist - Main laboratory. (Top Right) Community engagement activities in the community. (Bottom Left) NIMR-Mbeya Medical Research Center (the new CRS). (Bottom Right) CAB members at World AIDS day 2013. Click for high-res version


A Small HIV Intervention  Programme becomes a Government Clinical Trial Centre

The Mbeya region in Tanzania is a remote, rural area that encompasses two major highways and is adjacent to two international borders. In the late 1980s, the HIV epidemic rapidly expanded in the Mbeya region, fueled by these unique geographic features and exacerbated by a lack of trained health staff, shortage of medicine, and a poor healthcare infrastructure.  Read More.

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