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World AIDS Day Message

As we arrive at another World AIDS Day, more than 30 years after the start of this epidemic, we fortunately stand in a very different place than in prior years. Major strides in HIV therapy continue and more than 25 million people are now on antiretroviral therapy for HIV; a remarkable achievement - one that means the life expectancy of each of these individuals can be increased over 40 years longer than a decade ago... Read more.

From Vanderbilt HIV Vaccine Program in Nashville, TN: (left to right) community engagement coordinator Keith Richardson, administrative assistant Latifa DaSilva, and community engagement manager Vic Sorrell. Photo courtesy of Katie Jennings / New Canoe Media Click for high-res version

Community-building leads to record enrollment in HIV prevention study

An hour and a half into a rousing Sunday service at the Kingdom Love Worship Center, the Rev. San Jackson paused her preaching to ask Vic Sorrell if he wanted to say a few words.

Sorrell didn’t hesitate. Bounding from his back pew to the pulpit, the white visitor stood before a congregation of African-Americans, their faces politely expectant behind a blur of hand-held fans... Read more.

Scholar Awards

We support the next generation of HIV researchers with structured mentoring, projects, training, and networking opportunities. Learn more >

Getting the Right Test for HIV

Getting the right test will prevent an incorrect diagnosis of HIV.  Your study site or VISP Testing Service can provide the right test.  Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.



December 1, 2017

World AIDS Day Message

September 29, 2017

Good News at Fred Hutch

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