June 2017

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Letter from the Editor

Stephaun E. Wallace, Editor-in-Chief
Stephaun E. Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the newest edition of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) Community Compass, formerly known as the CAB Bulletin. I am thankful to the HVTN community for their support in my transition into this role, and for their continued dedication to supporting the engagement of global communities in HIV prevention research. It makes me proud to say that I work for, and with, such an amazing research network and with so many passionate and dedicated colleagues and friends.

As you will see in this issue, Community Compass has undergone a transformative change, not just in design but also in its “feel,” in order to make it more accessible to our global communities. We hope to deliver an array of topics and information that encompass our HVTN community globally as well as relevant information from our network partners as appropriate. HVTN Community Compass had previously been known as a “newsletter,” and with the changes, we have adopted the term “magazine” to describe this publication going forward.

There are many important HVTN studies in the field, and in this issue, Community Compass focuses on the AMP Studies. These two studies span the globe and are groundbreaking and innovative trials that will answer very important questions. The answers may lead not only to expanded research into the ways that antibodies may be used to fight HIV, but may also uncover new pathways that contribute to the development of an HIV vaccine.

The best part for us is when we hear from you, the HVTN community. We thank you for your previous feedback, and continue to welcome your feedback about how we are doing. Please help us ensure that this publication is representative of our entire global HVTN community! HVTN members (who have access to the HVTN member’s website) can use our newly developed submission page that offers the ability to submit topics and articles for inclusion in future issues. More information about this can be found under the “Meet the Community Compass Team” section.

But indeed, it is YOU we have to thank: for your support of the HVTN wherever you are in the world, for the work that you do, in whatever your role in the HVTN community, and the impact we've been able to make on our collective history and communities, together.

There is so much more work to do to get us to an HIV vaccine, which we continue to believe is the best long-term hope for ending the HIV epidemic. The HVTN Community Compass team wants to be everywhere you are, so please share with us what’s happening at your research sites, institutions, and in your communities, so that we can share it with the world.

Be well,

Stephaun E. Wallace
Editor-in-Chief, HVTN Community Compass