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Actividades Comunitarias

Concurso de cómicas y manga (Lima, Perú)
Un artista peruano se imagina un mundo futuro donde hay una vacuna contra el VIH. "La última de Jaimito" por César Hernán Chávez Dios ganó primer lugar en un concurso de cómicas y manga celebrado por HVTN en Lima, Perú para conmemorar el Día de Concientización Sobre la Vacuna contra el VIH. Los galardonados de segundo y tercer lugar pueden verse en el portal de Impacta Perú.

Jamie's mischief Come on, Kiddo, relax. Again, Mommy? Look over here, Kiddo. Oooouch!!! Calm down, Jamie. It will take just a few seconds. See it was only a little pinch...didn't hurt you a bit, right?…and here is your reward. Hurt me?! Gimme that candy, Lady! Did you see me in there, Mommy? (Sniff!) She stuck me with that huuuge needle (sniff) and I didn't even cry. Yes! I'm very proud of you. But remember, you promised me a Mega Power Turbo Space Super Action Figure. (Damn, me and my big mouth) You wouldn't want an ice cream? Yeah, great! Later... Mommy, can you explain what that vaccine I just got was if I already had all of them?
No, you didn't have all of them before. In fact, you were missing perhaps the most important vaccine of all: an HIV vaccine. VIP? No, Sweetie. HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It's the virus that causes AIDS. Really? Yes, AIDS is a disease that destroys the body's defenses. Little by little, it makes your body weaker and makes you more vulnerable to other diseases. Oh, is it curable with cough syrup and pills? No, Honey. AIDS can be fatal. FA-FATAL? Does that mean if I get it I am going to…? Jamie, AIDS can be fatal...but you don't have to worry… Do you remember the vaccine you received this morning? Ugh! How could I forget?