Community Compass

Our vision is an informed HVTN community that is aware of current events and activities relating to the HVTN network and its sites, advances in the field of HIV prevention and vaccination, as well as community priorities. We work to accomplish this by providing relevant information and updates to promote awareness, understanding, and support for HIV prevention and HIV vaccines, reaching global communities invested in the response to the HIV epidemic.  

We welcome submissions of articles on any topic for publication that is relevant to the HVTN community. Submissions must be exclusive to us, and not appear in any other publication. Submissions must be 500 words or less to comply with our layout and design requirements.

We do our best to read all submissions promptly and will contact you within two weeks if we are interested in publishing your article. Due to space limitations, we may need to hold publishing your article for a future issue. To submit articles for Community Compass, please go to the HVTN Members Site homepage, click on “About”, then click “Community Compass”, then click on “Submit to Community Compass”.

Meet the Community Compass Team

Stphaun Wallace, Ph.D.

Gail Broder, MHS
Cody Shipman

Nina Feldman


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