Annet Davis

Annet Davis

Annet Davis, HVTN Global CER Co-Chair

Philadelphia CRS, Philadelphia, PA, USA

I entered the field of HIV prevention research though a non-conventional route.  As Vice President of a for-profit Employees Assistant Program (EAP) and managed care company, I had the unique opportunity to consult with senior executives and Human Resource staff to develop policies and procedures regarding employees living with HIV. Beginning in 1994, I joined the University of Pennsylvania HIV Prevention Research Division and served as Project Director for HIVNET (HIV Network).  I was tasked to focus on injection drug users and women at risk for HIV due to their drug use and sexual practices.  We soon became a HPTN site, and as Project Director I oversaw a High Risk Injection Drug User trial, Women Fighting HIV Intervention trial, and the HPTN 037 Injection Drug Users Network trial conducted in Philadelphia and Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We subsequently became an HVTN site.

Since 2007, it has been my privilege to serve as the Coordinator for Community Engagement: Recruitment & Community Education for the UPenn HIV CTU.  I have worked with our computer programmer to design databases to track recruitment and enrollment, resulting in the development of innovative tools to match recruitment venues to enrollment success in trials (Phase I and efficacy trials).

As a member of the HANC Legacy Project and the Women’s HIV Research Collaborative, the HVTN Efficacy Trials Working Group and the HVTN Social Behavioral Working Group, I am an innovative voice and bridge between the CER Working Group and these committees.