Haven Wilvich

Haven Wilvich
(they or she pronouns)

Haven Wilvich, HVTN Site Operations Project Coordinator

Seattle, Washington, USA

My journey with the HVTN started over 5 years ago as a trial participant. I ran into a college friend at Trans Pride Seattle who was helping recruit for a study with the Seattle Vaccine Trials Unit and I signed up on the spot. I ended up receiving the placebo in HVTN 106 but I was so impressed with the professionalism of the clinic staff, and how transgender inclusive the study procedures were, that I resolved to apply to Fred Hutch, home of the HVTN.

I ended up starting my journey here working in cancer outcomes research. But I eventually scored a coveted spot on the HVTN’s Site Operations team where I now support the Clinical Trials Managers as a Project Coordinator. It is a privilege to work every day with a team of people who care so much about the work that they do to end HIV.

Outside of my HVTN role, I spend my free time working to build LGBTQ+ community at Fred Hutch in partnership with our Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I also network with local scientists to encourage the development of new research focused on transgender health disparities. I hope to one day be a part of a research team that builds on the accomplishments of the HVTN to work with the trans community in authentic partnership, creating health outcomes FOR us and not about us.