Community Engagement Manuscript Published

By: Gail Broder, HVTN Core, Seattle, WA, USA

A manuscript in the works for over a year was published in September 2020, entitled “Standardized metrics can reveal region-specific opportunities in community engagement to aid recruitment in HIV prevention trials.” It describes the HPTN’s and HVTN’s commitment to Good Participatory Practice (GPP), how the Networks approached recruitment efforts in the AMP Studies, and what we observed about how these efforts differ in various regions. We had presented initial data about this work at the HIVR4P conference in Madrid in 2018, and this paper now presents the full analysis. The paper can be accessed at the link below. This journal is “open access,” which means that you are welcome to share this information without concern about copyright or confidentiality.

Many of the HVTN’s and HPTN’s community educators and CAB members contributed to this effort by providing us with their sites’ screening and enrollment data, and many are members of the AMP Community Working Groups that provided input into our study parameters. Thank you to all of you for your contributions!

We think that this information may be meaningful to consider as sites are thinking about COVID-19 study recruitment efforts, so we wanted to share the paper with that in mind.

Gail Broder is a Senior Community Engagement Project Manager with the HVTN.