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Impacta Peru

Asociación Civil Impacta Salud y Educación (Impacta) builds upon 12 years of experience in designing and implementing DAIDS research network and non-network clinical trials.  Impacta is led by Dr. Jorge Sanchez and supported by a cadre of experienced researchers and promising junior investigators. Networks included are HIV Prevention Trials Network and HIV Vaccine Trials Network (both since 2001), AIDS Clinical Trials Group (since 2002), and more recently, International Network for Strategic Initiatives in Global HIV Trials.  Impacta is located in Lima, Peru, a city with close to 9 million inhabitants where Impacta has two buildings conveniently located to allow easy access for participants across the entire city. 

Impacta´s overarching goal is to contribute to the design and implementation of the scientific agenda of the DAIDS research networks, through the continuum from prevention to treatment, as well as to decrease new HIV infections, reduce HIV associated morbidity and mortality, and ultimately end the HIV epidemic.  Given the high tuberculosis incidence in Peru, with a high burden of drug-resistant TB strains, the Impacta site is in an advantageous position to collaborate in the design and implementation of interventions to control the TB epidemic as well.

Specific areas of research have been chosen after careful consideration of the DAIDS research network priorities along with the strengths of Impacta developed over the years.  In each of the proposed areas there has been significant scientific contribution from Peruvian investigators by participating in scientific committees, protocol teams, and analysis and publication of study results.

Those areas include:      

  • Evaluation of individual and combination HIV prevention interventions among men who have sex with men;
  •  Implementation of Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials to contribute to the development of rectal microbicides
  •  Evaluation of candidate vaccines;
  •  Evaluation of novel therapeutic interventions targeting HIV and tuberculosis;
  • Maintaining the highest standards of resource management for efficient and timely implementation of clinical trials; and
  • Continuing to build relationships and effective communications with the Peruvian community and stakeholders, promoting good participatory practice in clinical trials.
Impacta Peru

Impacta has received important support from the NIH during the past 12 years, establishing a comprehensive infrastructure that is able to implement clinical research studies from multiple NIAID HIV/AIDS clinical research networks and to rapidly respond to evolving research opportunities.  The organizational structure of the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) has evolved into a three dimensional matrix in response to the increasing number and complexity of studies. 

Impacta has consolidated its capacities and has shown remarkable productivity with 3,519 subjects enrolled in 33 network studies.  In addition, several NIH-funded non-network and pharmaceutical industry studies have been successfully implemented to contribute toward an AIDS-free generation. Impacta received the HPTN 2004 Service Award and the HVTN 2007 Service Award for outstanding performance.

An excellent environment exists in Peru for continued contributions to the implementation of the DAIDS scientific research agenda.  Community Engagement and Education Plans have been implemented to broaden the community´s understanding of HIV and TB research, allowing its engagement in prevention and therapeutic trials.We have successfully enrolled HIV negative MSM at risk for acquiring HIV, women and men at low-risk for HIV, HIV infected men and women, and patients with tuberculosis. We look forward to the continued opportunity to conduct clinical trials and to help prevent HIV and TB.