Volunteer Profiles

“I can be a classy lady by day, and a Goth tranny mess at night,” exclaims Layla with a toss of her strawberry blonde hair. Layla has lived her life by defying the expectations of others. She grew up in a small town in Michigan, which felt to her like it was dead set against her being herself.  Read Layla's story »

Lawrence is an aspiring aerialist. He loves the feeling of flying, though he prefers trapeze to silks, because he can get a better grip on the trapeze. It’s a lot like how he lives his life, he’s willing to take a chance, he believes in divine accidents, and yet he also deeply considers his choices. Read Lawrence's story »

Likhapha Monica Faku lives in a country with the highest rate of HIV infection in the world and she has felt AIDS’ toll first hand, losing an uncle and a close friend. She shares why she volunteered for a vaccine trial.  Read Likhapha's story »

Mirriam Bangisa is a traditional healer and a member of a community advisory board. Her dual roles epitomize the mix of modernity and tradition in South Africa. Read more about Mirriam »

Ryan was outed to his family when a photograph of him shaking hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the front page of the local Bakersfield paper. A self-described giraffe, garbed in rainbow gear head to toe, had taken part in a make-out protest. Read Ryan's story »

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