2011 RAMP Profiles

Cohort 1 Scholars

Kathy Jo Carstarphen, MA
Kathy Jo Carstarphen, MA
University of Alabama School
of Medicine

HVTN Site: University of Alabama and Lima

Mentors: Paul Goepfert and Jorge Sanchez

Project Title: “Public Perceptions of HIV Prevention Strategies”

John Chiosi
John Chiosi
Mount Sinai School of

HVTN Site: Cape Town

Mentors: Linda-Gail Bekker and Magda Sobieszczyk

Project Title: “Assessing the impact of an HIV education campaign in a peri-urban community of Cape Town, South Africa.”

Janos Alfredo Barrera
Chris Garnett, MPH
University of Kentucky
School of Medicine

HVTN Site: Lima

Mentors: Javier Lama and Greg Wilson

Project Title: “HIV Vaccine Acceptability Among Groups at High Risk for HIV Infection in Lima, Peru”

Daniel Gonzales
Daniel Gonzales
Commonwealth Medical

HVTN Site: Fenway

Mentors: Ken Mayer and Michele Andrasik

Project Title: "Evaluating the effectiveness of HIV clinical trials recruitment strategies in subpopulations of MSM and MTF transgender individuals"

Kathryn Lorraine Jones, PhD
Kathryn Lorraine Jones, PhD
Duke Medical School

HVTN Site: Duke Central Lab

Mentors: Julie McElrath and Barton Haynes

Project Title: “Characterization of the Memory B Cell and Plasma Cell Repertoires with Functional Analysis of the Antibodies Generated in Response to a HIV Envelope DNA Prime and rAd5 Vector Boost Vaccination Regimen.”

Cesar Joel Lopez Angel
Cesar Joel Lopez Angel
Stanford School of

HVTN Site: San Francisco Department of Public Health

Mentor: Jonathan Fuchs

Project Title: “Facilitators and Barriers to Participating in HIV Vaccine Trials.”