2019 RAMP Profiles

Cohort 9 Scholars

Omolayo Fatola
Omolayo Fatola
Indiana University School of Medicine

HVTN Site:  Duke University

Mentors: Amelia Thompson, Tony Moody

Project Title: “Barriers and Facilitators to Adolescent Participation in HIV Vaccine Trials”

Salem Hernandez
Salem Harry-Hernandez University of Connecticut School of Medicine

HVTN Site: Fenway Institute

Mentors: Ken Mayer, Michele Andrasik

Project Title: “Preference for Anti-HIV Monoclonal Antibody Infusion, Injectable Antiretroviral PrEP or Daily Oral PrEP among At-Risk Clinical Trial Participants”

Esther Kwara
Esther Kwara
Morehouse School of Medicine

HVTN Site: Brigham and Women's Hospital

Mentors: Stephen Walsh

Project Title: “Development of a Prediction Model for Clearance of Vaccine Induced Sero-Positivity”

Mekedes Lemma
Mekedes Lemma
University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine

HVTN Site: HVTN Laboratory Center

Mentors: Maria Lemos

Project Title: “Role of estrogen supplementation in vaccine response of transgender women”

Hussein Magale
Hussein Magale
University of Arizona College of Medicine

HVTN Site: Aurum Institute-Tembisa

Mentors: Kathryn Mngadi, Jim Kublin

Project Title: “Meta-analysis study – the interplay of gut microbiome, body mass index and HIV vaccine-induced immunogenicity”