Where Are We Now and What’s Next?

Mosaico Study Update
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A Phase 3 study of an investigational HIV vaccine regimen has been discontinued following a planned, interim review by the study’s independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board. The investigational vaccine was generally safe and well tolerated; however, it was not effective at preventing the acquisition of HIV-1. The results of the uniquely designed and implemented Mosaico study underscore the challenges that have faced the global scientific community in the 40-year search for an HIV vaccine, and may provide important data in the ongoing fight against HIV. Join the HIV Vaccine Trials Network and AVAC and key voices from the study, including study investigators and community representatives, in this important webinar as we will discuss the outcome of the Mosaico study, and discuss what these results mean and next steps.

The webinar, which took place January 25th, 2023, and the answers to the questions we were able to get to during the webinar, can be viewed at the links below: 

Webinar recording - English (Vimeo)

Questions & Answers (downloadable pdf)