Well-Informed Communities Contribute to Better Science

The HVTN engages community members in all phases of the research process. This helps to foster trust and mutual understanding of research issues, and ensures that our research strategies and approaches respect the values and cultural and ethnic differences among participants.

Our Global Community Engagement Efforts

Help to ensure the ethical and scientific quality of proposed research.
Help to ensure relevance to and acceptance by affected communities.
Establish a process for arriving at standards and best practices in community engagement at international, national, and local levels.
Involve community representatives in the design, development and implementation of clinical trials and distribution of clinical trial results.
Help to ensure the involvement of groups that have been historically under-represented in medical research and who are disproportionately impacted by the HIV epidemic, such as racial and ethnic minority communities and women.

Community Compass

Community Compass keeps the HVTN community informed about the Network’s research, site activities, and advances in the field of HIV prevention and vaccination. We encourage community members to submit news and event reports to this magazine and make this a true community sharing platform.

HVTN Faith Initiative

Building Bridges Between the Science and the Sacred

The HVTN Faith Initiative is a national program involving Faith Ambassadors across the U.S. who connect with diverse faith communities. They share the most current evidence-based information regarding HIV, vaccines, and antibodies being developed and tested in clinical trials for HIV prevention and treatment. 

Kagisho Baepanye Group

Researchers working with communities

New means of prevention, treatment, and in some cases cures come from the world of research, but before any new medication or vaccine can go to market, it has to be tested in clinical trials. These trials would not be possible without the active support and partnership of many communities and stakeholders.

Community Advisory Board, Aurum Institute, Johannesburg

Community Advisory Board

Each of our sites has established a Community Advisory Board (CAB) – a diverse group of volunteers that provide community input into study design and local procedures. CAB members include community activists and/or professionals associated with HIV/AlDS prevention and service delivery.

Planning an HIV or COVID-19 research educational event for your community?

The HVTN is happy to provide a speaker with knowledge and expertise in HIV or COVID-19 research to speak at your event. Complete our Speaker Request Form and an HVTN representative will connect you with one of our speakers.

The Speakers Bureau is comprised of over 100 researchers working at the intersection of public health, clinical research, infectious diseases, and health equity.