AIDS 2022 International AIDS Conference

AIDS 2022, the 24th International AIDS Conference, will call on the world to come together to re-engage and follow the science. It will define future research agendas, shift latest evidence to action, and chart a new consensus on overcoming the HIV epidemic as a threat to public health and individual well-being. HVTN researchers and staff are looking forward for the opportunity to learn and connect with colleagues from around the world, as well as presenting recent work.

In addition to the presentations mentioned below, we invite you to come and visit us at our booth in the Global Village. Our location, GVE023, is highlighted in this map (pdf download) for reference.

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Prime session:

Presenter: Glenda Gray
Approaches for HIV cure and vaccine research



Presenters: Glenda Gray, Bart Haynes, Kevin Saunders, Lynn Morris
Advances in combatting HIV with broadly neutralizing antibodies

Presenters: Lynda Stranix-Chibanda
Antibodies for HIV prevention: The path forward


Oral Presentation, Global Village Session:

Presenters: Stephaun Wallace, Gail Broder
COVID-19 and HIV: Community engagement lessons learned and applied from two pandemics

Satellite Sessions:

Presenters: Susan Buchbinder, Bill Schief, Sharon Riddler, Georgia Tomaras, Susan Barnett, Ntando Yola
Will mRNA lead to a long-awaited HIV vaccine?

Presenters: Linda-Gail Bekker, Dan Barouch, Shan Lu
Swinging into full gear: Strengthening industry engagement in HIV vaccine research and development

Presenter: Nyaradzo Mgodi
Experimental medicine trials in Africa: ethical considerations and community engagement

Presenters: Julie Ake, Dan Barouch, Fatima Laher, Helen Rees
What has COVID-19 changed in vaccine R&D and what remains to change for an HIV vaccine?


Oral Abstracts:

Immune correlates analysis of the Imbokodo HIV-1 vaccine efficacy trial
Kenny A, Luedtke A, Hyrien O, Fong Y, Burnham R, Heptinstall J, Sawant S, Stanfield-Oakley S, Omar FL, Khuzwayo S, Dintwe O, Borducchi E, Pattacini L, Willems W, Lavreys L, van Duijn J, Stieh DJ, Tomaka F, Pau MG, Gray GE, Buchbinder S, Mngadi K, McElrath MJ, Corey L, Barouch DH, De Rosa SC, Ferrari G, Andersen-Nissen E, Tomaras G, Gilbert PB

High prevalence of asymptomatic Omicron carriage and correlation with CD4+ T-cell count among adults with HIV enrolling in COVPN 3008 Ubuntu clinical trial in sub-Saharan Africa
Tapley A, Andriesen K, Fisher L, Huang Y, Ketter N, Villaran M, Gilbert P, Hural J, Yacovone M, Bekker LG, Corey L, Gray GE, Makhema J, Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha H, Samadari T, Elyanu PJ, Chilengi R, Chirenje Z, Dadabhai S, Mgodi N, Kotze P, Garrett N


Analysis of the HVTN 702 Phase 2b-3 HIV-1 vaccine trial in South Africa assessing RV144 antibody and T-cell correlates of HIV-1 acquisition risk
Moodie Z, Sawant S, Dintwe O, Grove D, Huang Y, Janes H, Heptinstall J, Laher Omar F, Cohen K, De Rosa SC, Zhang L, Yates NL, Sarzotti-Kelsoe M, Seaton KE, Laher F, Bekker LG, Malahleha M, Innes C, Kassim S, Naicker N, Govender V, Sebe M, Singh N, Kotze P, Lazarus E, Nchabeleng M, Ward AM, Brumskin W, Dubula T, Randhawa AK, Grunenberg N, Jin Kee J, Carpp LN, Hural J, Allen M, D'Souza P, Tartaglia J, DiazGranados CA, Koutsoukos M, Gilbert PB, Kublin JG, Corey L, Andersen-Nissen E, Gray GE, Tomaras GD, McElrath MJ, HVTN 702 Protocol Team

Administration of the broadly neutralizing, CD4-binding site targeting antibody VRC07-523LS in dual- and triple-antibody combinations with 10-1074, PGT121, and/or PGDM1400: impact on pharmacokinetics compared to VRC07-523LS administration alone
Walsh S, Gay C, Sobieszczyk M, Mannheimer S, Hyrien O, Yu C, Seaton K, Skalland T, Dumond J, Andrew P, Karg C, Paez C, Gamble T, He Z, Hanscom B, Dye B, Piwowar-Manning E, Hural J, Polakowski L, Yacovone M, Chege W, Montefiori D, Gama L, Mascola J, Tomaras G, Huang Y, Karuna S, HVTN127/HPTN087 and HVTN130/HPTN089 Study Teams

Utilizing standardized metrics to track recruitment strategies in a global preventive HIV vaccine study during the COVID-19 pandemic
Gonzalez R, Kamel L, Segura Marquez PM, Corbelli GM, Broder GB, Wallace S

First-in-human evaluation of safety and pharmacokinetics of intravenous or subcutaneous infusions of PGT121.141.LS, an anti-V3 HIV-1 broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody in healthy volunteers without HIV
Edupuganti S, Hurt CB, Stephenson KE, Huang Y, Paez CA, Gamble T, Yu C, Yen C, Regenold S, Chege W, Heptinstall J, Seaton KE, Montefiori DC, Tomaras G